Friday, February 29, 2008

My fantasy "real world"

I have been thinking what it would be like if i would already be living in the so called "real world"... All i'm feeling is anticipation. I'm both excited and nervous to be living in that world soon (hopefully in a year). There have already been a lot of day-dreams/fantasies made in my mind.

Most of these day-dreams are constructed while i'm attending boring classes(which is almost everyday). I keep thinking that i would be accepted in a reputable company (and be given high compensation. hehe). I imagine myself driving my car(which i bought with my own money) to work and loving what i'm doing everyday. On paydays, i would buy some of the clothes that i like and the latest gadgets in the market. I would travel the world, it may be for business of for leisure. When i get home on my condo unit in manila, i would be welcomed by a gigantic LCD TV, with the newest game consoles stacked underneath it. I would have a fridge filled with food, juices, and some alcoholic drinks. I would have a big bed with new crisp sheets.

These fantasies of the world are the reasons for my anxiety, i keep thinking that what if these fantasies won't really come true?

Practicum Hunt

I thought that it would be easy to look for a place where i can apply for an internship, but i guess i was wrong.

I am now worrying that i might not be able to find a company where i can have my on the job training. I went to a job fair in school, but when i got there, most of the companies already left. My resume had a lot of things lacking in it, it didn't have any of the projects that i have done in software engineering, it only had my accomplishments with my organizations.

There have already been at least 4 job fairs in school, but i was only able to attend one. There have already been a lot companies which gave qualification exams, but i still haven't taken even one. Once again, my issue on priorities is arising.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

24 hours without a phone

My phone went dead about 24 hours ago. When I got home, my charger's suddenly not working! At first, it was o.k. that i wouldn't have a phone for a day, but i was wrong.

When i got up, my only source of time was my phone, so without my phone, i couldn't tell what time it was. So i asked my roommate what time it was, he said it was still 6:30 am, my class is still at 10, so naturally, i went back to sleep. When i got up again, my roommate already left, so the only way that i could tell time was to turn my laptop on and check what time it was, but that was too tiring for me, so i went back to sleep.. again.

When my other roommate arrived from god-knows-where, he told me that it was already 10 am. So that only means that i could not attend my class. So, i went back to sleep, for the 2nd time.

When i got up, at about 11 am (i already turned my laptop on) no one was home and i was already very hungry. I could not leave the house because our door's lock is like a double lock (like because it's not really a double lock but something like it). I could not text my house mates because i didn't have a phone. So that's another phone related problem for me. I had to wait until 1pm for me to be able to eat a decent meal, because that was the time one of my house mates returned home.

It's just alarming to think that I'm that dependent to my phone. How dependent we all are to technology.

Just got me thinking, what if the world wouldn't have the wonders of technology? Or what if the world would not have electricity? That would be really scary.

Monday, February 25, 2008

time flies like a jetplane.

it's kind of scary how fast time flies.. I was chatting with my high school friend just now, we used to see each other everyday in class, but now, he just mentioned that it has already been three years since we last saw each other.

I'm scared that when i reach the age of "oldness" or whatever, I'll regret that i didn't do what i wanted to do.. or that i didn't have the time to do it. I might regret that i spent too much time sleeping!! haha.. but I can say, that as of now, i am trying to live my life to the fullest, grabbing (almost) every opportunity that comes my way.

the not so long, long weekend

4 days of no classes! wow. it's a really long break, but i did not get to feel the break at all. I was sick for half of the break and now that I'm better, i have lots of things to catch up on.

I have to make my project in hum2, which is still very much undone. My eng10 papers? not even a draft. I still have to catch up on the dances that I've missed in Street Jazz and not to mention that we're going to perform our batch dance tomorrow, and i haven't even practiced one step.

My eyes hurt, i think they're already strained, I've been so focused in making my project in hum2, but now, i reached a dead end. I'm taking a break. I don't know if what I was doing was right.

I'm getting frustrated! God, why do i have so much things to do?! I'm actually thinking when I can relax and do nothing and think about nothing at the same time?

I'm missing the days that i did not have that much obligations. I miss the not-busy me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

on being The President

Our organization(UPLB Tubong Dabaw) had it's elections last night. It was both a fun and nerve-racking experience. I was elected as the new president of the organization which was a proud and humbling moment for me.

A year ago, i never expected that i would become the president of our organization. I thought that i did not possess the leadership skills needed for the position.

Before, in my own point of view, I am someone who's irresponsible, lazy, unorganized and someone who doesn't have any initiative. On the brighter side, i always had lots of ideas. Ideas on how i can make things better. I always presented these ideas, and somehow, some people saw potential in me.

Those people who saw the potentials that i have, elected me as the PRO, which I think gave me the chance to serve the organization well. Through this, they foresaw that I could be the next head of the organization, which I am now. *blush*

I think most of my high school friends would be perplexed by this. I think I really didn't show potential or interests in being a leader back in high school. Which only shows that people, in the right environment, can become better or greater. hehehe